Skater Boys, Pride and Flying High: #Imagelogger Real Time Explorer Trip Day 3

Day 3 had us up and out at 9:30 AM rolling all over the city in search of some more amazing shots. This bright and sunny morning found all of us imageloggers out at a local skate park, snapping pics of the skater boys, the street art and all the park had to offer. It even found a few of us swinging... as in playing on the toys normally reserved for children. 

This was a series of monsters all done on the columns of the amphitheater of the park. One of the park maintenance men mentioned that they were done by a Brazilian artist. 

The Action Freeze mode on this camera works amazingly well. I loved being able to capture so many fast shots quickly and with ease. 

I have a thing for street art and this park had some great graffiti decorating almost every surface. The sayings mixed with the colors gave these images an almost gritty, yet eye popping, feel. 

And there there was the huge swing and the fish eye lens fun... 

Next stop was the Castro... and with recent news, how great is it to see this flag flying high and proud? 

After the Castro, we rolled on over to one of the most famous intersections in the USA...

And from there over to the coast to check out people getting even higher than they were in The Haight...

 Another amazing day in San Francisco... Thank you Samsung!

DISCLOSURE: This was an all expense paid press as part of the Samsung Imagelogger program. All images in this post were taken with the Samsung NX300 SMART camera. Samsung provided me with a camera to participate in the #Imagelogger program. All opinions and photographs are my own. Over the next few months I will be sharing images taken with the NX300 SMART camera on Twitter, Facebook and here on my blog. If you want to follow along and check out some of the images the other Imageloggers are taking - just follow the hashtag: #Imagelogger.