Asshole or just ignorant?

Last night we were in S'bucks at Barnes and Noble. The S'bucks has a one-holer bathroom, but at the back of the B&N (about 100 - 200 ft back?) there are bigger bathrooms - men and women with multiple stalls.

This man is standing there. Maybe in his mid-late 30's. This little girl, maybe 5 or 6, runs over to the door and tries to open the door to the bathroom and it's locked b/c there is someone in there. Being a kid, she doesn't get that and she tries to shake the door again. The man standing there goes "Um, there is someone in there - and I'm waiting in line here. But there is a bathroom at the back of B&N."

At this point, everyone just glares at this man. The woman in the bathroom took about 5 more minutes in there. The entire time, the little girl was doing a pee-pee dance, obviously she had to go pretty bad.

The door to the bathroom opened. And the woman walked out, and the man walked in and closed the door.

I understand that even adults have to go when they have to go.. but being an adult, shouldn't this man (who stood there in line for over 5 minutes himself) have taken the incentive to walk to the back of the store?

Needless to say, all the people standing there were a little shocked. No one could believe that he didn't let the kid go before him. People were shaking their heads, etc.

Over the past few months, I've had very nice people offer to let me cut in line.. esp. if I have Lucas with me. I've even had people come out of stalls and look at me and apologize, saying "OMG, I didn't notice you were pregnant, I would have totally let you go.."

I'm a firm believer that kids get priority. And I would offer up a stall to a preggo (when I'm not preggo). But is this just me?

Was this man just ignorant.. or was he just an asshole?