Flirty at Forty

Ok, I'm going to admit it. I'm having a hard time with this turning 40 thing. I don't really know why, but I'm fighting it. And while I may not be winning, I'm not going down without a fight. 

If you have followed me for awhile you know that I'm lash obsessed.. I got extensions for the first time 10 years ago already. I've used Latisse and every plumping/lengthening/voluminous mascara out there. Over the past year I've taken a break from eyelash extensions... and have missed them SO.VERY.MUCH. So with this impending dread of 40 looming, and my desperate attempts at making myself feel better.. I went back to the one drug that I new would make me bright and happy: Lash extensions. 

Lush lashes make you look awake. Bright and naturally pretty. First thing in the morning with lashes, you know you can wake up and look good. They are lazy girl make-up, but you can also do them up right. This time I went to the eyelash boutique Blink. With two locations in San Diego, they are easy to get into and to book an appointment. Inside is all girly and pink and as you lay there for your application you may or may not fall asleep... then you wake up and VOILA! Stunning. 

I did the Blush package (60 lashes each eye) and they were natural looking and soft. Blink offers a few different options for your lashes, and even has 'corrective services' (from when that deal of the day lash place didn't do quite what you wanted them to) and apprentice bookings if you are looking to save a little. 

3 weeks later and my lashes are still fab.... Just like 40 is going to be, right? 



Thank you Blink for making me beautiful!

#MakeUpMonday: Once You Go M.A.C....

I'm not faithful to one make-up brand. I flit, I float, I fly around Sephora and Ulta trying new things and going where my eye takes me. But recently I've found myself going back to an old favorite - M.A.C.

I've never truly given up M.A.C. products, but they haven't really been top of my list over the past few years. A few weeks ago a particularly good sales woman cornered me at the counter at Nordstrom and sold me two new products that I'm currently OBSESSED with: Kohl eye liner in Orpheus and Fluideline eye liner gel in Stares and Speculation.

Yes. I know they are very similar in color. Both are black/gold/bronzy. I love the smoothness of the pencil and the color is fabulous for day or night. The pencil is more defined, and I do feel the eye liner gel is too light to be a liner, so I've been using it as a smudgy shadow. Just using my finger to rub it onto my lids creates an amazing, light smoked eye looked. Not too overly smoky, but just enough for daytime wear or casual evening wear. Use them together and BAM! You have a fabulous, easy, black-tie optional look. 

Head's Up: These are limited edition colors and already selling out. So put this on your "self gifting" list for the holidays and get to your local M.A.C store or counter STAT. 



Summer Beauty MUST HAVES.


Summer 2013 Must Haves - Beach Beauty


Over the past month, I've had the opportunity to test out some great new products perfect for summer. These four are my current obsessions that I've added into my daily routines.

Marrakesh Eau De Toilette Spray - Just like the box says, this perfume is an "instant vacation in a bottle." I actually expected it to be more musky than it is. But with the floral and coconut undertones, this is THE PERFECT summer scent. 

Coola Suncare - We all know how important it is to protect our skin, but spray sun blocks can be sticky and not really what you want to spray on your skin when it's a zillion degrees out. Coola's spray is not sticky, goes on smoothly and smells amazing. And so far I've used it during 3 HOT and SUNNY pool days and 2 beach days and not a sunburn in sight. 

L'Oreal Sublime Sun - I love this lightweight sun block for my face. I've been using it under my make-up for added SPF and it goes on just like a moisturizer. Perfect for everyday protection. 

The BEACHWAVER - OBSESSED. I honestly am in love with this curling iron. The innovative rotating wand seriously gives THE PERFECT beachy hair waves. I have a collection of about 10 curling irons, and I can happy throw the rest of them away now. Pricey, but OMG WORTH IT. 


Do you have a new favorite summer beauty product? 


*Disclaimer: These products were all given to me for review. No additional compensation was provided. Opinions are my own.