In-home incarceration only made easier with hot dogs

And now I know what Paris Hilton almost felt like.

Lucas, who's immune system (or lack there of??) never ceases to amaze us, greeted his Grandparents (Jason's parents) at the beginning of their week-long visit with none other than a raging fever. Desperately trying to overcome my issue of rushing to the Dr with every sneeze (hey, going to be a 2nd time around parent here - time to roll away the over-paranoia flag!) to hear "it's just a virus" yet again,  we waited to see where the fever would take us. When yesterday at 4 PM it took us to a 103.5 under-the-arm freak out, we called the Dr. OF COURSE.. The ONE time I don't rush him in.. it was strep throat.

The past few days have included a lot of me sitting in the house with a sick child time, forcing Jason and his parents out of "casa de sicko" to enjoy the VERY WARM San Diego sunshine without us. And yes, I'm beginning to go a bit stir crazy. But, looking to the bright side - it did give me the chance to finish up Harry Potter #7.  

In other interesting (or maybe not) minutia of my life, like a black fly in my chardonnay (that I wish I was drinking.. ) last week I was pitched by a PR person. Why is that ironic? Because that's what I do.. but unlike the girl who pitched me on behalf of Hoffy Hot Dogs, I pitch things like down loadable wireless content. Yea, doesn't really have the same "flair".

Anyway, knowing what it's like to be on the other side of that email, not to mention TOTALLY flattered that someone out there targeted ME as a "thought leader" or  at the very least someone they would like to see write about their product, I responded to her. Oh, yea. Her offer to send me some samples of the new Hoffy Extra Lean Hot Dogs didn't hurt either.

Dude, a pregnant woman pass up free hot dogs?

So first off, I think for now they are only available in So. Cal, but then again, who really cares about the rest of you?
HA. I kid, I kid... Hoffy Hot Dogs are the beef yumminess that they serve at Pinks, one of the most delectable hot dog stands in the universe. But if my stint with WW earlier this year taught me anything, it taught me that regular hot dogs are really the DEVIL disguised as rolled-up beef with the main intention of adding similar rolls to your ass. I mean, duh, we all know that hot dogs are not really good for you, but that a Hebrew National all beef dog is like 25 point each is just a little mind blowing - no? I have been more than happy curbing my craving for the fattening maddess with the 97% Fat Free version of the Hebrew's smacked in a wonderlight bun (2 pnts total!), but I will say that the new Hoffy Dogs may have given the HN's a run for my money. It was pretty damn d to the e, to the l-i-c-i-o-u-s.

And, it passed the Lucas test with the kid scarfing down 2 of them. And if you even understood the bizarre eating issues that we've had with Lucas of late - or, if you too are the parent of a 3 year old - you KNOW that means it was a damn good hot dog.