Caesars Atlantic City

HipMamaB Travels: Caesars Atlantic City, Taste of Atlantic City and Harrah's Pool After Dark

I've been home for over a month, but apparently my heart is still vacationing in Atlantic City.

I've talked a lot about the mission of the trip over the past few months, but I haven't focused much on Caesars in Atlantic City, our home base for the #JerseyLove trip. First off, the hotel was amazing the entire time we were there. From check-in to check-out we wanted for nothing, ate to our hearts content and slept cocooned in amazing soft beds. 

Atlantic City is split into two sides - the bay side and the boardwalk side. The boardwalk side is "Old School" AC - the beach, Steel Pier and what AC is "known for." The bay side is the newer side, with large, new hotels such as Harrah's turning up the heat of the city. Since Caesars Entertainment Group owns both Caesars and Harrah's we had the opportunity to experience the fabulousness of both hotels. 

Caesars in Atlantic City first opened in 1979. In 2008 they completed the addition of the Centurion Tower, and now offers 1,100 high-end rooms. The decor is exactly what you would expect - sophisticated and luxurious. My favorite thing? The TV INSIDE the Bathroom mirror. YES, inside. And yes, it was comical when I picked up the remote control in the bathroom and started playing with it trying to figure out what it was for and then JUMPING at the surprise when I realized where the sound and pictures was coming from. 

And the beds. THE BEDS. Let me just tell you that I didn't spend as much time in that bed as I should have, but every moment I did was heaven. After my red-eye that got in early and my train and car trip into AC, I was going on about 3 hours of sleep. I checked in, said hello to a few people, closed the black out shades and sighed contentedly as I drifted off into napland...

Our first night in AC we were treated to dinner at the restaurant Mia, in the Temple Lobby of Caesars. As you know, I've been basically meat-free since January, but when I scanned the menu to find the words "steak," "truffle" and "foie gras" (not illegal in NJ! Whoop!) used to describe ONE DISH, I broke down.

It was the holy trinity of food for me.. it broke me.

And it was a wonderful decision. 

When I thought that nothing was going to top the delight of eating MEAT again, I was wrong. 

The next evening we were treated to sneak peek of the upcoming Taste of Atlantic City at Harrah's. From empanadas to seafood to meatballs to the most AMAZING popcorn pudding (SQUEE!), we stuffed ourselves silly. Yes, we were silly. 

If I was on the east coast I would totally be going back for the actual Taste of AC event, starting Thursday July 25 - 28. 

The four-day culinary and spirits festival, will feature a star-studded roster of the world’s most renowned culinary experts and TV personalities, including Robert Irvine, Rocco DiSpirito and The Neelys, and more. Festival guests will have access to events at all four Caesars Entertainment resorts and casinos – Caesars, Harrah’s Resort, Showboat and Bally’s, and this year, the beach!

The 2013 festival will present an acclaimed roster of both local and national talent and will once again showcase several of the world’s greatest culinary influencers as well as authorities in the wine, beer and spirits industry. With access to a multitude of unparalleled events including delicious tastings and dazzling demonstrations, the festival will offer delicacies for every palate. Festival highlights include:

* The Grand Market

* Blues Brews & BBQ

* Beach Soirée

* Gospel Brunch

* Island Luau

How amazing does that weekend sound? 

The next night found us back at Harrah's enclosed pool for some dancing and playing. Encased in a glass dome, after the sun set, this pool is still the hottest spot in AC. 

40 mom bloggers in a VIP area of the hottest club in Jersey? Yes, we had some amazing girls night out fun. Or as my girl Kadi would say, we "let the dogs out." And no. I won't be sharing any more details of that night. 


The weekend went by way too fast and Caesars was the best host we could have asked for. If you are headed to AC, do it up right and stay at Caesars AC. 


*disclaimer: Caesars AC provided me with my own room for 3 nights plus a $100 per diem per day for food and beverages as part of the #JerseyLove press trip. Opinions are my own.