Obsession with a ghost

I'm a little obsessed with home decor at the moment... and obsessed with pieces that I've recently decided I need. I've always liked to decorate, but I don't think I have a real flair for it. I can't look at an old house and see what it can become. I can't even really look at furniture and see them in my house. Our house is a big ole mix of this and that.. and some things have been around forever (like, since college). 

In the past few years our friends have all "grown up" decor wise - really doing things like investing in pieces and putting together amazing living spaces and I've become a little more conscious of our home style and liking more than things you find in a Pottery Barn catalog. I also realized that our house was way more than just an old beach house - but a classic "mid-century modern" with amazing atomic ranch features. All of a sudden it clicks why our couches and chairs never have looked quite right in the space.

It's also made me want ALL NEW EVERYTHING. 

If you haven't noticed this about me, I'm not good with "one thing at a time". So, needless to say, this is painful for me. 

One thing I figure out how to incorporate into my house are Ghost Chairs. Ideally, they would be around a large turquoise table like the the on in this Mantauk beach house. They are just so clean and have such a great shape to them. 

And apparently they also come MINI SIZED. SQUEE.

The only thing standing in my way of Ghost Chair happiness? The price tag. Just like everything else I lust for, the price tag is just that much too high to justify. I've been on a search to find them used, and while they are out there, the ones I've seen have been a tad too beat up for even the used price tag. 


Oh dear Ghost Chair - one day you WILL be mine! And I will sit in you while wearing my Chanel Clogs.. sigh. 

It's a mod holiday

EEKKKKK!! That was a squeal of excitement as some of my holiday decor has been featured on The Design File

As you may know, we are about to embark on the "de-grandmafication" of our 1957 "atomic ranch" style house. Not a full remodel .. more like a make-over to really bring out the utter coolness of this little house that has been in Jason's family for 50+ years. One of the coolest things about this house is that every member of his family has amazing memories of this house, and of his Grandma who lived here since 1960-something. Of course, over time and age, some styles have fallen out of mode, but lucky as we are to be able to continue raising little Avants here, a lot of it is now back in fashion and almost, dare I say *hot*, in the MCM (mid-century modern) world. WHO KNEW?!

Of course, with some direction from my dear friend Maria J, I threw myself head-first into obsessing over what to do to this place to make it UBER COOL and really bring out it's unique features. That's how I found Baz over at Atomic Indy, a place I go regularly for inspiration. Since we are currently stuck on phase one, floors.. this is going to take a while. So I threw myself into something I could create at this moment... the holiday decor. I've already posted pictures here and there of some of my items, and when Baz asked for fans of his facebook page to post some pictures of what they are doing in their old 40-50 YO houses, I was thrilled to share my crafty-crap. Which lead me to the The Design File... and here we are. Oh, the wonders of social media. 

My crowning achievement of my Holiday Decor - my "gingerbread" house replica of our little abode - has yet to be seen. While its soooooflipppiiinnnncute, it's needs a little something before I'm ready to share it with the world. So check back later for it's debut.

In the meantime, head over to The Design File and look around over there for great ideas, tips and articles on MCM design!