Mom 2.0


Confession. I don't leave conferences inspired. 

I want to leave them with a million thoughts busting out of my head, but honestly, I don't. I take copious amounts of notes. I doodle, I dream, I have all the best intentions to come home and sit down and write for hours - even days! Products! Experiences! People! The thoughts jumble in my head on my way home; All that creativity that I know is in me just waiting to get out.

Then I come home and stare, blankly, at my computer. 

Then I go lay down. 

Then I stare at my unpacked suitcase. 

Then I put away a few pieces of swag. 

Then I go back to my computer and try to force the words from my head. 

Then I play candy crush or bejeweled blitz.

Then I sink into a bit of a post-conference depression. For months I looked forward to the weekend, and now it's over. Did I accomplish what I wanted to? Did I meet all the people that I wanted to? Did I really connect the way I wanted to? The insecurities and pang of possible regrets go flying...

But deep down, I now understand that this is MY way of processing. I will never be the girl whose suitcase is unpacked within an hour of getting home. I will stare at products in branded bags for a few weeks before putting them to use or finding a home for them. My blog may lack new content for days, or weeks, as I decompress and let all that I learned, and all that I did, filter down. 

And I let myself be okay with that, because this is ME. And I know that once the dust settles, my inspiration will be waiting for me.