Special Thursday Night Confession: 3 days and about 87 points later...

So since Monday my head was all a flutter with deep thoughts of life, I didn't confess anything for the week. So I thought I would make it for it tonight, with my confession of this: I've re-joined Weight Watchers

The new year, Jennifer Hudson, a lady at TJ Maxx that asked Zoe if she was going to "be a big sister soon", and my friend Maria all played a big role in the decision. But since I actually completed all levels of Angry Birds, I needed something new to obsess over. So off I went to weigh in and sit through the introduction of PointsPlus. My take? It's lipstick on a pig - just a new color lipstick.

However you slice and dice it, we all know the answer to weight-loss is actually fairly "simple" - eat less, drink more water and exercise. Viola. We see the men in our lives do it all the time! "Honey, I'm feeling flabby..." all of a sudden they are running again, not eating bags of chips while standing over the sink and switching to diet soda and BAM! They are 15 lbs lighter (MEN. But we get to birth babies! I don't think that was really a fair trade there, ladies). And while yes, the points have changed - most people get 29 points a day {forever} and 49 weekly BONUS points, fruit is now free (because as they like to say, "you're not at WW because you ate too many fruits and veggies!") and wine is now 4 points instead of 2 (priorities) - it's basically the same program.

But what I do like about the new PointsPlus is that they have made it easier to make the "better health decision." This was my biggest problem with the program last time I did it: that instead of eating right, people (myself included) just ate as much processed low-point food as possible. 

Take the 3 PM snack attack - you have 2 points to spare, do you reach for a 2 point apple or a 2 point bag of baked Doritos or a 2 point Jello Pudding Snack? In the past, one would probably reach for the chips or sweetie. Now, being that fruits are free, it's more like "I'll have that apple/pear/grapes/banana first so I can have a glass and a 1/2 of wine later!" Okay, maybe not the best example, but you catch my drift. 

The best part about Weight Watchers for me, and why I've been moderately successful with it in the past, is that I am held accountable and forced to face the music about just how fattening the majority of food I consume without thinking about it is. I'm the queen of exclaiming "Really! I usually do eat healthy! I don't get it!" and really, it's true. Fast food is an occasional occurrence, I don't buy big bags of chips, we use 1% milk, and buy "better for you" alternatives from Trader Joes. Yes, we do eat out, but at good restaurants that serve good food. But even "good food" can be bad. 

A great example is the leftover from NYE Ham Sandwich-fest Boudin sourdough roll. Sweet and innocent looking and something I consumed 3 of earlier in the week, this sucker clocks in at 8 points. EIGHT POINTS. For a BUN. That's 2 glasses of wine and a banana, in case you are keeping track. 

So now I'm thinking about things more. Instead of the random handful of almonds (not "technically" bad, but still), I will try to reach for grapes. Instead of an assortment of crackers, salami and cheese, we will have sliced cucumbers and tzatziki sauce! Pizza will be a treat, not a staple, in the dinner rotation. And I'll recite the good old 80's WW mantra that we probably all remember from our mothers: "Nothing tastes as good as it feels to be thin!"

Except for maybe tots and chicken & waffles. Those taste 50 million times better than being thin.

Oy. Issues.