Conversations with a Preschooler - the collective "aawwww" version

Scene:  Yesterday, Mom and Lucas on the couch chilling - him, recovering from the freaking CROUP, me - well, 9 months pregnant and almost unable to move at this point.

Mom: "So, Lucas, when the baby comes Daddy and I were thinking that maybe you would like to school 3 days a week. To run and play with all your friends!"

Lucas: "No Mommy, I want to be home with you and my baby sister."

Mom: "But honey, it may be pretty boring for you.. She's really not going to do anything except eat and sleep, and I think that school will be SO MUCH more fun for you!"

Lucas: "Um, but I think that if I go to school my baby sister will cry."

Mom: "Well, she's going to cry a lot anyway.. remember that babies cry to tell us that they are hungry, tired or need a diaper change.."

Lucas" "No, if I go to school, I think she will cry because she misses her big brother.."

sniff... sniff...