Melting My Heart

It was a tough summer. The heat. The pregnancy. The child. The combination made me want to cry many times. It was no secret that this summer my child turned into the demon spawn. There were times we thought his head was going to spin around as green goo shot out. There were a few of these times. At the pinnacle of this stage, I actually took him to the Dr for a check-up, and begged the Dr to find something horribly wrong with him (that could be easily remedied with antibiotics) that would cause this uncontrollable behavior. When he found nothing, I came home and cried and felt like I was the worst parent in the world.

People kept telling me it was probably a stage. That his out-of-whack schedule, multiple trips and house guests mixed with some anxiety over the impending arrival of Princess Buttercup was causing him to act out. We could only hope..

And you know what? It was. A horrible monster stage, that RIGHT in time seems to have vanished into thin air, leaving my precious little man in time for a stage of UBER cuteness. I have no clue what caused his drastic turn-around, but I'm not going to question it.

1464912810_b171d4e8a4_m.jpgThese days, the adorable squishiness of Lucas is almost too much to handle. He's happy, he's eating, he's sleeping, he's playing, he's cuddly and he's the sweetest little thing out there. The other day he was playing in his room and I decided to take advantage of him entertaining himself and lay down on the couch. As I dozed off on the couch, I vaguely remember Lucas coming in the room and saying that he wanted to cuddle with me. I scooted over and he curled up next to me, resting his head on my belly and promptly fell asleep. I woke up about 3o minutes later to find him still there, hugging my belly, fast asleep. Smiling, I stroked his hair until he woke up, turned to me and smiled, and said "Oh, mommy. Your big baby belly makes such a nice pillow!"

This morning I woke up and Lucas was already on the couch, watching Charlie and Lola. 1498066358_d5c3305875_m.jpgJason was telling me that Lucas woke up asking about the baby, when she was going to come and what she was going to look like. Jason said that he told Lucas he wasn't sure, but he bets the baby will look like Mommy. When I walked into the living room, he came bounding up to me. "Mommy! I'm SO excited for the baby to come! I think that she is going to be so pretty like you!"

Oh man, that was too much for the hormones first thing in the morning before any coffee.

I'm just thrilled that my sweet boy is back. The timing of this return could not have come at a better time.