Southern Cali is burning, but Princess B is holding steady

4 years ago to the day, San Diego went ablaze with wildfires.. I remember it distinctly, as I was 21 weeks pregnant and we had just found out that we were having a baby boy. The city was declared to be in a state of emergency, and actually shut down completely. Today, the combination of the Santa Ana winds and mixed with the dried out brush of east county to once again cause acres and acres to go up in flames around San Diego county. While the actual fire is no where near us, the wind brings the smoke straight west - right to the coast.

And no, it has not caused me to go into labor.

Neither has spicy food, walking, stressful situations such as the fact that we realized TODAY that our over priced infant car seat that we kept so nicely boxed up since Lucas grew out of it 3-years ago is a broken piece of shit and oh, yea, if you drive an Audi there is approximately ONE style car seat that works best in your car, and oh yea its $200 and no we don't have any in stock at the moment, but maybe in 2-3 weeks? WHAT?! I don't have 2-3 weeks! I'm hoping I don't have one week! And if I AM still in this predicament next week at this time, we may have to resort to having sex!

So yea, still pregnant.