En Fuego San Diego

File this under the category of "life can not get anymore complicated"... If you don't live in Southern California you may not realize the severity of what is going on here in San Diego. 1691919258_e4b9749ed5_m.jpgWe currently have 8 various fires around the county. The county is blanketed in smoke and white ash is falling like Christmas snow. And yes, I'm freaking out. And sitting here with my legs crossed.

This pic was taken around 7 am this morning - the smoke in the distance..

For the first time in about a week, I'm really hoping to not go into labor. To get to my hospital from here, we have to pretty much drive through an evacuation zone.. my Dr's office is in an evacuation zone... and they recently announced that our "back up emergency" hospital has been closed to all non-life threatening emergencies. 1696596216_91d64c2000_m.jpgWhich, believe you me, if I'm about to have a baby, it will be a life threatening emergency if they try to turn me away. Life threatening for them.. hahaha.

Deep breath.. oh wait, no deep breath.. cough cough..

This picture was taken at about 10 am

We were sitting here debating jumping on the freeway and getting the hell out of Dodge, but the issue with San Diego is that we have 2 freeways that head north out of the county.. and one is currently shut down. So.

This pic was taken at about 1:30 PM - looking west from our house.




Yea. Hmm.. go into labor at home or in a car stuck in the middle of a non-moving traffic? Hey - at least here at home we have yummy cupcakes. 1695759201_75322d9118_m.jpg




Make-it-at-home Sprinkles cupcakes from Williams-Sonoma..