Gotta feel sorry for her first boyfriend

Last night I took Lucas to my hair girl for a little trim, and of course brought Zoë along for more people to oohh and aaahh over. Our family has been going to the same hair salon for years now, it's a father/daughter salon, and the daughter April cuts all our hair, and often her sister and/or mother are there - so we know the whole family.. oh, and how "small town" is this? April's husband is also our gardener (which, we didn't know until one day she was talking about Gil, her then fiancee's landscaping business, and we were like "Gil? Wait - We use Gil.." duh). Regardless..

Aprils father, Lloyd was cooing over Zoë's petiteness and adorable little feet, when he mentioned "Oh, those feet are so cute I just want to bite them off!" (which is interesting since I didn't realize the desire to bite off and shove adorable things like tiny baby parts in my mouth was so universal. I thought it was an odd-ball thing that me and my college friends just thought of because we were always drunk). So Lloyd turns to Lucas and says "Can I bite off her little feet?"

Lucas' eyes got all big, his face got red and in a very grown-up voice screamed "NO! THOSE ARE MY SISTER'S FEET!"

At 3 1/2 years apart, we figure Lucas will be a senior in High School when Zoë is a freshman and I already feel sorry for any teenage boy who looks at her the wrong way..