Christmas Coma

We are in recovery mode here. It's 5:20 PM and Lucas is still in his PJs (his choice, he wouldn't let me change him. And as part of my fave parental motto of "pick your battles", I didn't fight him on it) and we are surrounded by a mess of some kind or another.

 2139005314_95280d3a72_m.jpgWe spent 4 days with my parent in LA and it was wonderful. I can't tell you how nice it was to have 2 extra people to entertain Lucas or hold the crying baby or cook us breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jason and I even escaped to a movie. It was like a vacation. I'm telling you, people are quick to bring dinner over the week you get home from the hospital with the baby - I say wait. Wait until the baby is 6-7 weeks old and the parents are really frazzled and sleep deprived. Because having someone else worry about one thing (like nutrition) for a few days, was heavenly.


2139012020_8454c1dcc8_m.jpgWe finally went to get our Santa pics taken. We went to the Grove mall in LA and waited for an embarrassing long 1 hour and 45 minutes to see the man with the bag, got to the front of the line to learn that their camera was broken. THANK the lord we had our camera with us. And yes, that is Zoë "the tiny-nosed reindeer.."

 Christmas eve was my parent's annual rocking Xmas eve celebration. We drank and ate.. well, others ate and drank. I nursed. Most of the night. I'm glad my outfit matched my "hooter hider" since that was my main accessory of the evening. Oh, that and spit up. And baby, that was the cutest accessory of the night in my opinion.


2138253885_13e8088c54_m.jpgLucas awoke on Christmas morning to a tree flooded in a lake of presents. Since I can't seem to find the time to eat or even pee these days, I'm FOREVER grateful that they took on "Santa duties" or Lucas would have had a pad of paper and a half eaten apple to open on Xmas morning.  But instead he had a spectacular array of plastic and color in various shapes like spaceship, balls and cars. The highlight of the morning was when Lucas noticed the large brightly colored stuffed dragon (since named "Furfee") nestled amongst the brightly wrapped presents. He ran over to the dragon, hugged it tight then ran to the window, waved to the sky and screamed "Oh, THANK YOU Santa Claus! Thank you!"

And then, we were spent..


In celebration of her first Christmas, Zoë 2139047078_5e6b8e95f8_m.jpgwas lucky enough to receive her very first "blue box" from my godmother, Liz. Something that she SHOULD have been way more excited about, but instead it appears that she looks down at her Tiffany box.. from the look on her face it seems that she is horrified that we would be excited by that box and that she wants to scream "MOM! Do you KNOW about the blood diamond controversy in Africa?!" Upon second glance, she also appears to look at bit like Clare Danes in the "My so called life" days.

And just because I never pass up the chance for a good photo opp:







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