Making Spirits Bright

2096306693_44efbfe68f_m.jpgAs a parent around the holidays, you want to do all these things to create fabulous memories of the season for your kids. In 20 years I want to show them pictures and videos of when they were little and the beginnings of all the wonderful holiday traditions you still force upon them to that day. One of those perfect Hallmark commercial traditions I insist on forcing BECAUSE ITS FUN DAMN IT is cookie making. What could be more fun for a 3 1/2 year old than rolling and cutting out candy cane, gingerbread men and star shapes in the soft cookie dough? Oh, I don't know.. maybe EATING the raw cookie dough? Or throwing it? Or rolling it, throwing it and then eating it?2097084756_404355a351_m.jpg

As we were frosting the cookies I laid the ground rules. NO EATING the cookies or the frosting. I turn around for one minute to shift through the cabinet for more food coloring and when I turn back, Lucas is literally spooning the sugar frosting into his mouth.

Hhhhmmm.. what do you think happens when your already hyper preschooler consumes about a cup of sugar frosting?

So happy that my baby is a girl.. a sweet, calm baby girl..2096304857_c689c3d569_m.jpg