Spreading holiday joy to all the good little girls and boys

289831957_a66916f76f_m.jpgAaahh, the joys of Christmas pasts..

But as you can tell by the look on his face, this was from before we could start using Santa to attain good behavior and clean(er) rooms. But I will say that I'm not quite sure how long we will really be able to use Santa for all his goodness.

The week of Thanksgiving we were lucky enough to make two different trips to two different malls (with the infant and the 3.5 year old, yes, I am INSANE). Both times Lucas was lucky enough to pop in to just say "hi" to Santa. But he did have questions.. "Why is Santa here at the this mall and at the Outlet mall?" he asks me. I tell him that Santa is MAGIC! and can be everywhere at the same time. He seems to like the fact that Santa is MAGIC!, and stops with that particular line of questioning.

Which, not to veer too far off topic, but the movie "The Polar Express", good for the little ones because it's all about Santa being real? Bad because it starts the dialogue that there really might not be a Santa? Or whatever because at 3 1/2 all they care about it the cool train and the song where all the kids get hot coco?

So, we've really been pushing the "I'll call Santa!" line. To the point that we pick up the phone and pretend to dial his number and talk to him. Which ,we thought, installed the fear of the no-toys-god into the kid. Then yesterday when I told him not to be sassy and talk back to me, Lucas looked at me and said "That's it! I'm calling Santa!" and using his hand as his phone, he "dialed the number" then put his hand to his ear and said "Hi Santa, this is Lucas. I'M being good but my Mommy is being mean and telling me to listen. Uh-Huh... Uh-Huh.. Ok, bye!" He then "hangs up the phone" and looks at me and exclaims "Santa said NO TOYS for you!"