Inlaw Insanity*

*No, the inlaws are not insane, nor do they drive me insane, its more of overall life insanity due to family vacations and routine upheaval.  

This week we got a pleasant surprise visit from Jason's sister Heather and her family. Yes, Heather was "that person" to announce that they were coming to visit a mere 24 hours before they arrived (HAHA HEATHER. Told you I was going to make fun of you forever for that one!). Their trip out to CA was planned months ago, and this year a trip to San Diego was not on the agenda at first. I offered, I begged, and I enticed with thoughts of trips to the warm beach and yummy Mexican food. But alas, they did not bite. That was until last Monday when they realized how much they really couldn't live a day longer without seeing us.  :-)

814814476_1a076f2b99_m.jpgOF COURSE we welcomed them with open arms and an action packed week of kid friendly activities. We did Sea World. We did beach. We did beach again. And we ate. OH, HOW WE ATE.

The kids played and played and played. They ran amok about the house until they could just not muster the energy to run anymore. It's unfortunate that 6 or so states separate us from them, making th814897642_cb68484a53_m.jpgese visits a bi-annual thing rather than a regular occasion like a lot of families. I just hope that they have sweet memories of their summer vacations together.