Obession Du Jour

As you know from previous rants, I hate pregnancy jeans. I hate the panels - demi, roll, whatever. They are not cute or comfortable and the fact that the majority of major denim labels out there continue to use them and sell their maternity jeans that you wear for possibly 5-6 months for $180 makes me want to yak in a bag. You know, I am ALL FOR spending $ on jeans, but I see them as an investment, something you will own and love for years, not months.

When I was pregnant with Lucas, I pretty much sustained on pizza, hamburgers and my need for chocolate cake. While I gained about 30 lbs total, within the weight gain "standard", I looked it. I gained it ALL OVER. My face, arms and lets not even talk about how nasty my thighs looked. Luckily, I started this pregnancy off right, 12 lbs down thanks to Weight Watchers, then another few my first trimester from general iciness.749033380_c59d9ce993_m.jpg And I've really only put on about 8lbs so far - and really, its all in the belly (with a little in the love handle area). I'm not dieting, but armed with some good habits gained from WW, working out (when I can REMEMBER TO GO) and giddy over my cravings for FRUIT instead of chocolate cake, I feel pretty good and am happy with the pregnant belly this time around. GASP - I even have been seen wearing a bikini to the beach (F it, my problem area has always been my belly, and since this year I have an excuse for the protruding belly..)

Wow, I just talked a mile to get to a point.. back to the lecture at hand..

748728862_a557e1fa7b_o.jpgWhat I have been getting at here, is that I have not bought maternity jeans but have continued to wear my Paiges, just under long shirts where you can't see the lame-o little rubber band holding the top together. That's why I INSTANTLY fell in love with the B Buckles. It covers your open-toped jeans and allows you some wiggle room in your jeans. SUCH a great invention and definitely one of those "D'OH! Why didn't I think of that?!"

Some people love the Bella Bands, but pretty much it's like adding the dreaded panel to your regular jeans and you know how I feel about panels.

Since apparently the B Buckles have not made their way down to San Diego stores (yes, I called most of them), my wonderful Mom is picking one up for me from the hipster maternity store NOM today. I will have a full review later and let you know if its as cool as I'm really hoping it will be.