Our San Francisco Treats

In celebration of 7 years of marriage, and since apparently we are somewhat vacationally challenged when it comes to real, week-long getaways, Jason and I went on a little trip up to San Francisco this weekend. You may have noticed that the child's name was not included. It only took us 3.5 years, but we actually left Lucas for the entire weekend with my parents. And it was wonderful all around.

1033176901_880b5f738b_m.jpgOf course we were apprehensive about leaving him. Could we manage 2 nights and 3 days away? Could HE manage it or would he totally freak out? The answer was clear on the way home last night when Lucas asked "Can I go to be Bebe and Buddy's house alone again next weekend?!" He had a blast, and probably too many cookies, and we - well, we had a much needed break from sippy cups and the continuous streams of snacks.

It really was a wonderful weekend where we pretty much ate our way around the city. Since I can't drink, I decided to make up for it doing something I can do, and can do pretty well at the moment - stuffing my face. Our tour of eats started Friday night at Cafe Zuni with our friends Marina and Craig - two of the biggest foodies we know. And OH HOW WE LOVE them for it. 1034092038_3ba2415655_m.jpgAs couple-friends compatibility goes, we are equal with them in food and what we think is amazing. They also happen to be some of the most connected people - appearing to know the majority of the restaurant owners around town which leads to great tables and comp'ed desserts (5 in one night, actually).



After dinner on Friday they dropped us off in the heart of North Beach with instructions on where to go for a romantic, amazing dessert. Cafe Jacqueline pretty much makes one thing - souffles. Run by a little old french lady, who is there every night souffling away and greeting you with a cheerful "Bonsoir" as you walk through the kitchen to the restroom, our chocolate souffle was one of the most amazing things I've ever eaten.

1033939504_17435bfded_m.jpgOh and eat it we did.

It was supposed to be for 4 people, but hey, we are 2.5 people at the moment, right???

Saturday we walked. And Walked. And Walked. We walked from our adorable cozy hotel, the Galleria Park,  in the Union Square area down to the Embarcadero, and back. We walked all over Union Square - me, desperate to buy SOMETHING in San Fran, but actually pretty disappointed by the SOS (same old shit) that we have at our Gaps and H&Ms.

Saturday afternoon we treated ourselves to a couples massage which just made us.. yup, you guessed it, hungry again. 1034015810_afe5130130_m.jpg

Knowing we were going to have a an amazing Italian dinner that night - we decided to "go light" and shared a beat salad and a plate of homemade sausages and pretzels at Postrio.  Beets are actually very popular in San Fran at the moment, with all of the restaurants serving up their variation of salads. ALL of them amazing in their own right.

This one topped my list. Then again, the sausage and pretzels and 3 variations of mustard's were not too shabby either.


So, am I making you hungry yet??

1033195683_36eb561b75_m.jpgSaturday night we went out to dinner with Marina and Craig to a place called  Capannina, where we feasted on a variation of Italian yumminess including a salad with peaches wrapped in prosciutto, pasta carbonara with black truffles, and beef medallions crusted in Gorgonzola cheese. Let me tell you, I can almost still taste the black truffles in my mouth. One of those things we used to wonder about back during the OG Iron Chef obsession days, came to life in the the creamiest sauce you can imagine. Bellisimo.

1034087544_3cd3ae3114_m.jpgThe dinner commenced with the first 3 of the 5 desserts that night. Profoitoloes like you would not believe, gelatos that me gasp out loud and something with caramel popcorn and a chocolate pudding that was to die for.  

Oh yes, we ate very well.

It was lovely to get away, to go back to our favorite cities, but I will admit it was hard on the preggo. 1034580900_ca807eca3e_m.jpgAll the walking around in probably not the best shoes took its toll on my ever-expanding body. And while I was VERY proud to get my 26 week body into my Paige Jeans (with the help of my BBuckle), I must admit that this was probably the last time I will even attempt to get my ass into those jeans until after my November due date.  1034143272_c6edc00e0c_m.jpg

This is the artsy shot.. As Jason pointed out, the baby is in belly jail.. and that's Alcatraz in the background..


Now I'm really not one to pull the pregnancy card. I don't believe pregnant woman should get disabled persons parking passes just for being pregnant, and I've only once even take advantage of the "expectant mother's parking" at the mall. I'm pregnant, not an invalid. But by Sunday, I was feeling pretty damn pregnant.

We get to the airport with time to spare only to find our 45-minute Southwest flight  was delayed 90 minutes. SIGH. I was proud that I remembered to check in online the night before, thus insuring us "A group" passes when boarding the cattle call -like flight. The waiting area is currently at max capacity since 2 different flights are waiting to board at the same gate, and Jason and I are standing there, desperately trying to find an area to park my pregnant ass down - even if it meant on the floor. We just happened to be somewhat close to the front of the "A group" boarding area when this little man jumped up out of his seat and walked over to me.

"Are you waiting for A group?" he asked. "Yes, we are A group.." I reply.. thinking, wow, is he going to be nice and offer me his chair? Will he move his luggage that's resting on the chair next to him for the obviously pretty pregnant woman?

"Well, we have all been here waiting - the back of the line is down there.." he replies as he goes back to his seat.

SHOCKED, I muttered some kind of "Uh, great.." as I grabbed Jason's hand to make sure that he wouldn't run over and punch the guy, thus really keeping us from getting on that plane.  1034127204_ae198e290c_m.jpgPregnant or not, who the fuck made him king of the waiting area? But that sparked something in me.

I walked over to customer service, stuck the belly out and very sweetly asked if being as pregnant as I am would qualify us for pre-boarding. I then took my little blue permission slip back over to where Jason was still standing, glaring at the guy and very loudly proclaimed "Well honey, we can go hang out anywhere now and not worry about which LINE we are in since we can PREBOARD

Take that asshat.

We made it home 1.5 hours later than expected, but made it home to a very excited to see us little boy none the less. It was a great weekend away..gave us some quality "us time" before little Princess Buttercup arrives. And yes, it will probably take us another 3 years to do it again...






for more images of food and frolic, check out my flickr page..