The point where the fun is quickly coming to an end

I over did it in San Fran last week. When one feels cute and loves flaunting the belly, one forgets that she is PREGNANT and that her body is doing incredible things like, oh creating a new life, and no matter how good she's been with working out and doing yoga, walking over 10 miles of hills in ballet flats over a 24-hour period may not be the smartest thing to do.

I came home and noticed a distinct difference in my gait. Its now waddletastic. I also have issues getting out of bed, off the couch, off the floor and yes, I feel as if my legs are a wishbone that some little kid is fighting with his sister over and pulling apart.

Oh, welcome welcome THIRD TRIMESTER! The beginning of the end...

Its amazing to me how my body has responded just as my daily newsletter from What to Freak Out About When You Are Expecting   told me it would. At about 11 weeks, it told me "hey, you are going to start feeling better and have more energy!" And Voila! I did! This week it reminded me that the so-called "fun trimester" is nearing its end and now you will really begin to feel like a disabled beach whale. LaLaLa! Not me! I'm feeling GREAT!

BAM! Where the hell did that brick wall I just rammed into with my forehead come from??

So, let the bitching begin I guess. I'm in the last 12-13 weeks of what is almost definitely my last pregnancy. There is a fully formed child in my belly kicking and twirling and just waiting until she's gained enough weight and her little lungs are ready to breathe to make her grand appearance into the world (Hopefully. Listen Princess, no early arrivals, okay?).

It's now crunch time.

Shit, I guess I really need to decide on the bedding now, huh?