Ode to my 3rd Trimester

(Sung to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's Sounds of Silence)

Hello exhaustion my old friend... guess you'll be with me until the end. I see you creeping into my busy days. Holding tight until on the bed I lay. And the vision that was planted in my brain, of my day, can not remain. Due to my lack.. of energy.

Out the window my plans fly, and on my mushy couch I lie. Thinking of all things I must get done, thinking of the errands that I swore I'd run. And the day continues by in a half awake haze, and there I lay. Due to my lack... of energy.


The laundry's piled around the floor, 100 pieces maybe more. And the dirty dishes in the sink, are begging to be washed because they stink. My third trimester is kicking me in my ass, but this to shall pass.. but right now, I have no energy.

People look at me and grin.. smile politely to my chagrin, they remember what these days are like, just tease me of upcoming sleepless nights, which makes me want to run away and scream - you know what I mean. But I don't, because I have no energy.

Lucas is testing us right now, making sure that we'll remember how.. how easy our life once was living, before we went and gave him a sibling.. as he just refuses to leave my side and then he cries.. which just adds, to my lack of energy.

But I'm excited none the less, a baby girl that I can dress.. In little pink skirts and shoes, I love little boys but a little sick of blue. And our shopping bills go up.. oh, we're so fucked..thanks to my reason, for no energy..