It's own seperate entity

Quel Bore. Am I just totally boring you these days with all my talk of pregnancy? I'm kinda boring myself, but really, with a 15 lb ball attached to my midsection, there is hardly anything else to think about. It's the first thing that I think of when I wake up (well, how to get up in the least painful manner), its the last thing I think about as I fall asleep and Princess Buttercup is swishing and rolling away in there. I'm reminded of it every time I (try) to stand up, sit down, eat something, digest something, talk on the phone, check my email, get in the car, get out of the car and so on and so on.1404504841_27a6f4a08a_m.jpg I've had some brief escapes during business meetings over the past few weeks, but was quickly reminded of my condition when I realized I had to pee for the 3rd time since the meeting started and it was getting to that embarrassing point.

But look at this thing - HOW could I not think about it every second of every day?!

The neat part about doing the belly shot every two weeks is really seeing the difference. At 16 weeks I felt pretty big. At 26 weeks in San Fran I felt huge... but that was nothing compared to this week... and, sigh, what is still yet to come. But this week just really freaked me out. I think this was the biggest "growth spurt" I've had to date. Just look:


1404504841_27a6f4a08a_m.jpg1326593216_41c7fefcec_m.jpg2 WEEKS PEOPLE!




and I've been wondering why my lower back has been throbbing...

Friday we had a "dry run" of what the hell to do with Lucas when we go to the hospital. After a momentary freak-out on my part, which resulted my Dr. sending me over to Labor and Delivery, we had to activate the chain of command - pretty much the calls with me trying not start bawling finding someplace where Lucas could hang out for a few hours while Jason and I sat in a curtained room with monitors strapped to my belly. But hey, what is a pregnancy without a pre-term trip to L&D? I mean, now I don't have to fill out all that paperwork in advance.

Everything was indeed okay, and I will spare you the details and just leave it as PREGNANCY is a BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL THING.