So you get pregnant.. you spend the first part of it trying not to tell anyone while also trying not to puke on their shoes... then things move along.. your belly starts popping.. you (maybe) find out the buy a few things...things are moving along...progressing nicely.. as 16 weeks turns into 22.. which turns into 30.. AND OH MY GOD, I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY IN 8-10 WEEKS. WHAT?!2 MONTHS?! WHAT?! I CAN SCHEDULE THE REST OF MY DR'S APPTS?! WHAT?!

1326593216_41c7fefcec_m.jpgYes, the 30 week freak out. The week when things become all too real that in as little as 6 weeks you could possibly be bringing home a healthy baby.

Insert anxiety attack here }

Last week, this freak out hit me hard. So hard, I'm just happy that Jason is still talking to me after the week I put him through. All of a sudden things needed to be done and my list was way, way, way too long for me to be comfortable with.

The main issue was that Lucas' current room was going to be Princess Buttercup's room and Lucas was going to get a "big boy room". We've been hyping this for weeks now, and with the last house guest of the summer gone, we needed to just get it done. But if you know me, you KNOW I just can't "get something done" without going a little crazy first. Let's just say that my craziness included a 'custom' paint job, perfectly matched colors to coordinate with the PBK surfer bedding I've been collecting for him for over a year and a closet make-over. Commence what Jason deemed as our family's very own version of Trading Spaces - 2 rooms in 2 days, can we do it?

Oh, did I mention that it was also one of the hottest weekends on record here in San Diego with temps at the coast, and inside our un-air conditioned house, spiking to over 95 with humidity in the 80th percentile (Damn you, Hurricane Dean!). Yes. Lovely.



I realized how hard I really was nesting when I'm awake at midnight, sweating, contemplating the size of my newly developed cankles while painting blue waves on Lucas' wall and scrubbing down the nursery furniture with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 1325701815_529d8db64e_m.jpg


One of my biggest decorating challenges (well, besides hand painting the little wood sea life decorations to hang on Lucas' wall) was doing up a baby girl's room around the blue crib that I HAD to have for Lucas. Don't get me wrong, the crib was great. But how does one incorporate a blue crib into a pink theme? And don't go and tell me that I didn't need to do a pink room. I am ALL about gender specificity when it comes to babies. Girls need pink, boys need blue. And I 'ain't putting my little Princess Buttercup in anything but a pretty pink princess room. Yet, I'm also sometimes rational and realize that I'm not going to run out and buy a new crib when I have a perfectly good one at home.

Especially when I can use that money on other things - like baby girl clothes.

1326604134_015a519f0a_m.jpgAfter months of obsessing over this, my mom and I finally chose bedding with blue accents, and I'm really happy to report that it works. Jason was getting a bit concerned that I was going to force him to paint the crib white next weekend, but in all honesty, I think it would be too much white if we did that.

While standing in PBK for about 2 hours a few weeks ago with my mom (the ONLY PERSON in the world that would actually spend 2+ hours contemplating baby bedding with me and for that I love her more than anything) we waffled back and forth on if this really was the look I wanted. But then it was all on sale. And they had the matching bedding for the full sized bed that was going into that room.. and then they had the adorable little toddler pillow case with the palm tree and the boat and BAM. I was sold.

The room transition weekend did a good job of making the whole thing "real" to all of us. The best was when Jason walked out of the pink room, with pink paint all over his hands and looks at me and goes "Oh, shit. We are having another baby."

Yup. Oh, shit. Lord help us all.