Do you ever have a conversation with a friend that is so unique that at that very moment you know why you are friends with that person? One of those talks that almost no one else would even "get", but more likely would think you are totally and 100% insane/superficial/need to be committed? I had one of those conversations yesterday with my friend Maria, a conversation that I can't even begin to repeat here because really, there are only 2-3 other people in my life that would even find it amusing and not just think I'm a complete lunatic.

But it made me start thinking about all  the wonderful things about my girl friends. Each one of them is so different and so unique and has such different perspectives on life and situations.  Some I immediately go to for career and work issues, some I go to for parenting issues, some fashion talks and others to relive my youth or try to figure out what is still cool. Each of my girlfriends, whether I talk to them daily/weekly/monthly holds a special place in my heart and life, and I'm truly lucky to have each and everyone of them in my life.