Why is it that you buy one new thing ...

... and you feel the need to buy 15 other new things because the ONE new thing makes everything else look like crap?

I've been holding off on the TV front. Jason has been moaning and whining for years already about our old TV.. our big TV, our non-flat TV, our old-school non-HD TV. I been telling him to suck it. Our TV is FINE. That was until every single last one of our friends got one. Crap. Now it's all about Keeping up with the Joneses. And you KNOW I must keep up appearances.

One evening when we had people over, we put on a movie for the kids and I actually feared that one of the kids was going to ask "why does your TV look funny and round?" So, to help ease the embarrassment factor and be a nice wife, I got my husband his equivalent of $200 Paige Jeans... a 47" Vzio

And there for a moment, I thought we were going to need a bigger house to hold the freaking thing.

I will say.. it's nice. VERY nice. We like.

But, it makes the rest of the house look like an whore who's been picked up one too many times. Sigh.

See, since we could only possibly get $25 for the old (perfectly good) TV, I decided that we were not going to sell it. We were going to do something that Jason and I have NEVER done in the history of co-habitation, we were going to have a TV in our bedroom.

But that meant that we needed a dresser since somehow we've managed the past 3 years without one. And that means new bedside lamps.. and possibly new linens? DEFINATELY curtains because OHMYGOD I hate those blinds.. and do you realize that we are having people - IN OUR HOUSE next weekend! We need it all NOW. TODAY. Oh hell, let's paint the room yellow and change all the outdoor light fixtures!

Is it possible that the nesting instinct lasts a year postpartum?