Switching Teams

No, not THAT team, although I did have a dream last night that I kissed Katy Perry, somewhat ironically, to kiss the girl that sings the song about kissing the girl.. I mean, you kinda have to kiss her, right? And no, no clue why Katy Perry was in my dream. I also lived in a huge house with marble floors and Zoe was sleeping in a regular bed and I was freaking out that she was going to crack her head open on the marble floor. Wow, I really do have issues. I mean, who would dream about a house with MARBLE floors if your last name isn't Trump?

So the team switching thing... I may now be "Team Edward".

Yes, dorky Twilight fan talk ahead. I wasn't all that hot for Edward tho.. to me he was an overly mushygushy problem for Bella - and I kinda wanted her to end up have little puppies with Jacob. Then I saw the movie posters.. Meh, I don't know.. Then my peeps over at MamaPop (where my glorious husband contributes, so yes, they are MY Peeps) went and posted THIS PIC:


 And I think I actually shivered...

YUM. I recently saw a charm on Etsy that read "Twilight: The only thing better than cupcakes" and Yes, I SO concur.