Team Zoe... Rachel Zoe

It's midnight, I'm half awake in a painkiller induced haze, not asleep because I've been snoozing on and off all day thanks to said painkillers. Why? Well, I had 2 inch incision made in my leg this morning to pull out a cyst that ended up being about an inch deep. Oy.

I took the day as an opportunity to lay on the couch and catch up on all my DVR'ed girlie shows that have gotten all backlogged. I also came upon a Rachel Zoe Project Marathon, which you SO know I recorded and watched all of - back-to-back.

And, eekk. I may like her now.

I love her love of fashion and style. I love the way she dresses people and how she can spot something fabulous from the window, driving by in her car. I want her to go shopping with me. I want her to tell me what earrings to wear and that I look Bananas in an outfit. I also want to go to Starbucks with Brad and the make-up boy, and smack Taylor.

After this show, and the premiere of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, I want to shop. Shop like there is no tomorrow. With someone who really knows. I want my body analyzed and I want to be told EXACTLY what to wear to accent my best features, minimize the no-so-great, and look confidant and at my best at all times. I also want jewelry. Fabulous earrings and necklaces.

Guess it's good that the bazillion stitches stretched across my hip bone is going to put me on the injured list till this desire passes.