My Political Message of the Day

As many of you know, our dear friends and the god-mommies of our children, Carin and Hillary, were legally married this past June. With overflowing tears of joy, Jason and I were honored to be part of this amazing day when two people that love each deeply were finally able to come together as wives.

Now the legality of their marriage is being threatened by Prop 8 on November’s ballot.

The supporters of Prop 8 have launched a 20 million dollar ad campaign that is hitting this week. The ad I saw this morning had a person proclaimed the “horrifying news” that they will now have to teach about gay marriage in schools! With the economic crises, lack of available and affordable health care and the many other real and pertinent issues facing us this election year, the fact that this is even an issue amazes me.

But No on Prop 8 needs help to rebuke these ads. No On 8 is leading the campaign to DEFEAT the ballot measure that is intending to amend the California Constitution to PROHIBIT marriage for same-sex couples.

If you can, please take a few minutes to donate a few dollars to No on Prop 8 – anything helps and everything is appreciated!

Please click on the link below to join No On 8: