"Where do you hang out?"

Last Saturday night I actually went out for a bit of a mom's night out. I met some other mommy friends out for a glass (or 2..) of wine at a local wine bar. Real low key, just moms all with 3 1/2 year old boys having a laugh and swapping stories while enjoying some "mommy juice".

We were sitting there, pretty deep in conversation about pregnancy, the baby blues and the sometime hellish existence of having preschool aged boys, when the waiter came over and said that the was a man at the bar that wanted to buy us all a glass of dessert wine. And if there is ONE THING you learn in college that is good for the rest of your life, it's always accept a free drink. Also, one of the other moms at the table is single, so hey - don't want to put a kibosh on any of her action, right?

Not to mention, here we are, 3 30-something MOMS, being hit on. For very obvious reasons (flabby belly, baby attached to my boobs for the past 3 months, pure exhaustion) I assume they are not there to talk to me, but the hotties across the table that don't look like they've been to hell and only got back into town that day. The waiter brings over 3 glasses of this rose sparkling wine that has a fruity/berry flavor, and a plate with 3 truffles on it. My first thought is this guy is gggoooddd.. and obviously never been married because once married men somehow totally forget that the best way to try to get into a woman's pants is through wine and chocolate. He also doesn't immediately come over.. but lingers and waits until we have eaten the truffles and are on a bit of a subsequent sugar high.

So then this Rico Suave approaches the table with his friend. He's nice enough, but really is trying a bit too hard right from the get-go. We are gracious and thank him for the treats, and he plops himself down, and throws out the basic question; "So, you guys hang out around here? Maybe at D Street or The Saloon?" (FYI - local bars)

At this point I just giggle as I reply, "Yea, mainly just over at the Cottonwood Creek playground.. I'm, a bit of a regular there."

Poor guys.. to their credit, they did not flee at the first mention of '3 YEAR OLD SONS' and even made a comment that none of us looked over 30.