365 days later

It was this week last year that our little princess Zoë was conceived. For the following 39 weeks, she grew from a clump of cells to a tiny person inside of me. We did everything together from sleeping to traveling, she was with me at all times.

For the past 14 weeks she has almost always been an arm’s reach away from me. I can still count on my fingers the times I even have left the house without her for a few hours. When we are out and about, I’m usually wearing her in a sling or carrier, or like yesterday’s mall excursion – carrying her in my left arm. It’s her favorite place. Her teeny butt resting on my hipbone while my arm supporting her body as she looks out at the world around her. For the past 365(ish) days she has always been RIGHT THERE next to me.

Until last night, the first night Zoë spent sleeping in her own room, in her crib.

While still only just over 8 lbs, the bassinette that is beside our bed was looking a bit small. We’ve been talking about moving her to her own room for a few weeks, but none of us were really ready. A few weeks ago I actually wrapped her up and put her in her crib and Jason walked in, took one look at her, looking up at him with those big dark eyes, and said “Nope, she’s still too small.” Another night we asked Zoë if she wanted to sleep in her own room and she crinkled up her face and started to cry – so we took that as a no. Last night I put her down in there for her evening nap (she goes down around 7/8 then we wake her up at 10 for her last feeding of the day) for her to ‘get used to being in her crib in the dark’ and she fell right to sleep. So after her 10 feeding, we put her right back in there. Thinking if she protests then we can bring her back to our room. She didn’t protest.. and once again fell right to sleep. Where she slept through the night.

Officially the longest amount of time in her existence that she has physically been that far away from me.