*edited to add:

  1. Thanks to Annie (the former "Ann from Sudan" who is now really now technically "Annie Kitale (Kenya)" but not for too much longer because she is saying ADIOS to the Bush and coming home for a few months until she figures out her next adventure which may be in Sydney, which may make me sad that we will not be there adventuring with her.)
  2. Thank you to my SIL Heather for being the one to go into Barnes and Noble and purchasing the SVH books for me to re-read! Fab bday present! (Oh, did I not mention it was my bday Monday? Yea. Blah. 33. Blah)
  3. Tell me how hard I rock - I've lost almost 10lbs on WW over the past 3 weeks. Of course, I probably put them all back on this weekend of drinking little Sofia's by the pool at La Costa and chasing them with chips and guac. Because really, after 2 glasses of sparkling wine (drank with a straw! Sounds white trash, but really tres chic), who really cares if you're fat? Right?