An 8 year old's obsession with Jessica and Elizabeth


I think it was 3rd or 4th grade when I was introduced to the Sweet Valley High series. I remember reading that first book and being instantly obsessed. Desperately wishing I had an identical twin and wishing that I lived someplace as cool as Sweet Valley and since it was the height of the teen-driven 80's, wish SO BAD that I was in High School and drove a Fiat. I actually may go as far as credit my love of reading to this series. I do believe that they were the first books that I seriously DEVOURED - sit all day reading type thing. I even remember doing a book report on one of them using my Barbies as the twins in my 3-D diorama.

Now, these books have been updated to be more "relevant" to teens of today. Sigh, somehow its not that same if Elizabeth keeps a MySpace page instead of her diary..

But one question. Am I totally lame if I read the new versions.. just for old time's sake? I've totally held off on buying the Gossip Girl series! At least SVH has that special place in my heart.