Got Junk in my... eye.. sigh

The other night I was making my weekly Target rounds (really, we need TP AGAIN?!) when my right eye started to itch. GAH. Did I get something in there? Was my contact dry? I get home and peel my contact from my eye. The next morning I wake up to this:


Okay, thats not me (my eyes are more greenish)

But all the same I wake up to a throbbing red eye. Convinced that it was a corneal abrasion from my contacts, I didn't worry too much about it, but made an appt with the after hours Dr "just to make sure".. apparently just to make sure it was, indeed, my friend conjunctivitis back for a visit.

The Dr assumed I got it from Lucas and the den of diseases that we like to call "preschool". But no, the kid's eyes are fine (for now, knocking on wood.. crap! Does Ikea particle board count?!), just mommy got the junk.

The Dr, the same one who treated me for mastitis 2 weeks ago (haha, Aetna! Look who's laughing now!) prescribes an antibiotic drop and tells me to wash my hands frequently and sterilize my house and throw out my make-up and don't touch my kids. So after buying all the Lysol (yea, screw you METHOD. I try go all "green" and immediately get bacteria growing in my eyes. Back to the earth damaging, but bacteria killing chemicals over here) products that they have at Rite-Aid during the 15 minutes it took them to put a label on a bottle of eye drops, I head home to flush my eyes out. But before doing so, I read the instruction packet.. which comments something about "nursing moms may not want to nurse while using.." WTF?! So what do I do? Consult Dr. Google of course!

And Dr. Google and both tell me, no, these eyedrops are just fine while nursing. Whew.

But Dr. Google also tells me that one of the best remedies for eye problems in nursing moms is, well, breastmilk. Like, in your eye. Like squirting milk in your eye.

The best part about this is that I actually bent my head over and tried to figure out how to squirt my own milk in my eye. Then, because I'm TOTALLY sick like that. thought "Crap, I should have Jason film this and become an instant YouTube sensation!"