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As you may have noticed (over there.. to your right..) I'm liking Twitter these days. It's like speed blogging. And its a great outlet for all those wonderful random thoughts that pop into my head throughout the day. And unlike this place, I think people actually read me over there.. hahaha.

I know you are all still out there. Most of you friends and family and new employers, but no one ever comments anymore, which honestly makes me a little self conscious that I've become even more boring than I constantly worry that I've become.

But at least I'm not a cougar.

Went out for happy hour at Del Mar Plaza the other night with the girls and the cougars of San Diego were IN FULL EFFECT. Let me tell you. I had to stop myself from walking around the place and pulling up the backs of jeans on 50 year old woman, while simultaneously pulling up and down their shirts to cover their bejeweled BELLY RINGS and overly tanned cleavage. thumb3006bk.jpgI really thought that rhinestones went out of style about 15 years ago - I was unaware that one could even still purchase these belts (outside of Texas, where there, I will give it to them. Cowgirl bling is something that will never die, and thats fine IF YOU ARE A COWGIRL) since 1992 when I worked at the "Guess?" store in the mall and routinely wore one with my boots and a blazer; aka the "Guess? girl look".

But then I laugh because me? I will prancing around my Roxy sundresses and sweatshirts until I die, and when I'm 60 I'm sure some 30-something year old will totally laugh at me.

6627-512607-d.jpgExpanding on that thought...For mother's day my mom bought me (yes, my mom gets ME mother's day presents too.. isn't she the best?!) the Roxy diaper bag I had been lusting over. While totally cute, and the perfect summer beach/pool baby bag, we were slightly disturbed(?) at first that Roxy, a label aimed at 16 year old girls, is making diaper bags.

Then we just realized that they know their demographics really freaking well. And while it may appear that they are trying to diaper bag the Jaime Lynn Spears' of the world, really these were made for people like me, 30 something moms that are refusing to grow up... at what point does "hip" just become teenile? Am I just like the cougars?