Poor First Born

2568123218_7ce7c0e27b_m.jpgPeople always say that the second child often gets neglected. That the first has baby books and mementos, while number 2 has one picture in the back of the older kid's baby book. Yea, not this family. In my concerted effort to not have Zoe's babyhood be a typical "2nd child" one, I seem to have forgot something.. the older kid.

I realize that my Flickr pages are all Zoe. In fact, I'm trying to find a recent pic of Lucas to even put on this post. How mean is that? What a horrible mother am I? My excuse du jour is that SHE holds still while he runs away..

And while I do go on and on about Miss Z, I will say Lucas is quite the comedian these days. I won't steal content from my hubbie - so I will just redirect you to Lucas' latest good one.

Why am I continually so surprised by his personality?