When one should really shut up

The other night, before seeing the estrogen explosion that is the SATC movie, my friend Maria (who is 8 mos pregnant) and I went into this little OVERPRICED boutique and encountered this woman who really needed to learn how to just keep her mouth SHUT.
We were talking about dresses - one for me for my dear friends Carin and Hilary's wedding (thank you CA State Supreme Court!), and one for Maria, for a wedding she has to go to 3 weeks postpartum. This shop girl over heard us talking dresses and looked at us and said "Oh, are you two sisters?"  While not an insult in anyway, the only thing we really have in common is our hair color.. we look at her and asked,  "Oh, no. Why? Do we look alike?" She then looks us up and down and asks "Oh, are you are both pregnant?" and I look at her and kinda half laugh, and reply "No, I'm just recovering from pregnancy.. haha" (muttering "bitch" under my breath and cursing her for making me regret my decision to eat movie popcorn for dinner).

Then she looks at Maria and goes "Wow, are you having twins? You are so big!" Which, if you have never been pregnant, let me tell you RIGHT NOW - this is something YOU NEVER SAY to a pregnant woman. EVER.

Maria's like, "HAHA, No, just one.."

At this point we are trying to walk away from the saleswomanofinsults, and she calls after Maria.. "Well, I bet its a boy - you are carrying so high!" Glaring now, Maria is like "Actually, its a girl..."

Of course, neither of us bought a thing. And we both decided, over movie popcorn WITH butter, that we would have really been insulted had she not obviously been such an idiot.