Random Thoughts

Since I've started Twittering, its become very hard not to think in short, concise sentences. When I first started blogging, all of my internal dialogue was in "blogspeak", now, it's "Twitteresse".. But 140 characters is sometimes not enough.. so here I am, left with random thoughts roaming around my head, aching to escape..

Random Thought #1
In my WW meeting there is this mother and teenage daughter that come every week and sit in the same chairs. The mother is one of those super skinny, super tan types that is always in short running shorts and a tank top. She is the woman that you look at and think "and you are here because..." And then there is her daughter. A beautiful girl who is SO.NOT.FAT. Not an anorexic workoutaholic like the mom, but really just maybe the bigger side of normal. The daughter never speaks and the mom is always sharing "tips". A few weeks ago, the mom was sitting there with bandages on her face and black eyes - typical post-op nose job - and the daughter was sitting next to her crying. Or trying very hard not to appear that she was crying.  The dynamics of that relationship intrigue me... I miss WW meetings if I drank too much wine the night before - I would SO give myself permission to miss out if I had under went surgery that week, no?


The manicurist charges more when they just buff your nails rather than paint them. HHMM..


I took some pants in to the alerter yesterday. There was this girl in there getting her wedding dress fitted. She looked 16. She was very sweet and asked me about Zoe, and I asked her when and where she was getting married. She said in July at the "San Diego Temple, you know the one off the 5.." Ah-ha.. the famous Mormon temple. She probably was 16.


I weighed Zoe for the first time in 6 weeks today. She only has gained a pound. Yup. She's now 12 1/2 lbs. And she eats more food than her big brother does. I just really hope this insane metabolism lasts her well through her 80's..


I seriously think that Zoe is going to be crawling within the month. CRAP.


I have $50 worth of returns to make at Target. All my "great buys" were not so great at home. But..


JCrew rocks my world at the moment. 25% off the sale price last week. LOVE!


My dear friends Carin and Hillary took out their marriage license today. Their wedding is June 28th. Jason and I are "flower friends".


I just got the BEST forward. Haven't had one this good in awhile.