Using Technology to it's FULL Advantage

We took a family trip to the grocery store tonight. Apparently we drank too much wine water at dinner and thought that it would be a fun, family outing. I guess Jason just really didn't want to be left home alone with the two kids.

As soon as we get there, Lucas announces that he has to go potty. Jason takes him while I start the coupon scavenger hunt in a desperate attempt to save a few bucks ($43 tonight - not too shabby! Or as I like to call the savings, "mommy's new shoes"). About 5 minutes later as I'm figuring out which soda's to purchase in the "buy 2 get 2 free" deal (pepsi max - ginseng AND caffeine! Diet Dr Pepper, Diet Sierra Mist for my 2 point margaritas, and light lemonade. We are actually a "Coke" household, so it was a harder choice with the Pepsi products), I get an IM on my blackberry. It's from Jason.

"Dude, this kid takes the biggest shits.."

"Here, let me take a picture and send it to you..."

I immediately replied back:

"NO! Don't! Please, don't teach him that! He'll be wanting us to take pics of all his poops now!"

See, it was nothing that my dear husband was going to take a picture of SHIT and MMS it to me, I just didn't want him to do it in front of the impressionable 4 year old.