In contention to be the "lamest blogger on earth"

So very LAME these days.

People used to ask me when I found time to blog, they couldn't understand how I managed to get it into my day. I just did.. and couldn't understand how other people did things like run, or go to the gym. Alas, my day has come where I no longer seem to have time to blog. Maybe its the 2 kids, work from home, 2 clients, husband, dog, house, insanity thing? Not sure. All I know is that for the first time in my life - I've been routinely forgetting to eat.

We've had a busy few weeks, and they will continue through August.. small re-cap, I helped plan and coordinate a bachelorette party and  good friends' gay wedding (I'll let Jason tell you a little more about that one), 4th of July, and now house guests.. then a big girls weekend in Vegas.. Oh and not to mention WORK, which is kicking my ass at the moment. So there you have it. No time to be creative and tell you cool and interesting things. So I will just leave you with picture from 4th of July..