HipMamaB - Personally Saving the Retail Industry from Economic Despair

July 14th - The Mall report.

I've been a shopping MAD WOMAN recently. Maybe its the weight loss, maybe its having a little financial breathing room, but I'm a-lovin' the shops. I mentioned to a friend that I need to stop taking hand-me-downs for Zoe because I don't have room for all her clothes. She said "Just stop shopping.." I audibly gasped. Go ahead, take all my pleasure out of life.

A few notes to share of my recent adventures..

1) I heart Forever 21. Really. I know you all jest "Beth, you are FAR from 21.." but the name is FOREVER 21 - as in, it's okay to shop there when you are in your 30's. It's great for trendy, cheap pieces. Great accessories and great bright colors. Got a couple of cute cotton dresses and even a little beachy, cowboy straw hat.  They even have the coveted long dresses of the moment, for $30, if you can't afford to shell out $300 but still want to look like Gwen Steffani.

Baby Gap / Gap - everything is an additional 25% off the sales price. Go NOW. Zoe now has almost every item from their summer collection b/c really, when a bathing suit is $4.97 and 25% off YOU HAVE TO BUY IT, its pretty much FREE. They are almost giving it to you. They are saying "please take this and dress your baby in adorable bright colored dresses and matching hats."

Nordies: Anniversary Sale starts Friday. Hurry, run, don't walk to buy coats and sweaters even though its 100 degrees out. Stop by the MAC counter (no, not the Mac store - they STILL have a line 45 people deep for the iPhone) but the counter for their annual sale palates. Also, for you Bare Essential fans, they have a special kit with sparkly summer colors and a trendy make-up bag especially for the sale. Also remember to hit Brass Plum up for some cute shorts and tanks that look a lot like the ones in Savvy, but are about $100 less.

Macy's: Competition! Big sale starting WEDNESDAY. If you like INC., apparently it's almost all going to be 15% off.

If your son is like mine and obsesses over super heroes and wants to wear them on his clothes, but you are a mom like me that refuses to purchase licensed clothing items other than PJs, the brand "Marvel" and "JunkFood" is the answer to all our issues with their very cute vintage looking super hero/star wars/ indiana jones t-shirts. Right now at Bloomies, some of them are an additional 50% off the sales price. Just remember to put your bag IN the stroller or hold on to it and not lose it before you get to your car. No, I don't know what you are talking about, I didn't do that today. (sigh).

Now go! Get to the mall! Save the economy from a massive recession! If you don't shop, we will all die. At least, thats what I like to tell myself.

I can justify shopping any day of the week.