Where my hoes at?

How can I explain my  girls? My bitches? My hoes? How can I even put into words the amazing weekend we had in Vegas?

I'm not going to recap the weekend, or list out all the "inside" jokes that we shared. No one else but the 13 of us lucky ladies would even begin to get it or understand. I will say it was a blast. It was like, what I assume to be, a sorority reunion. I knew these ladies. Yea, I may have given them physical hugs for the first time - but I KNEW them. There was no awkwardness. No "getting to know you period". We all jumped right in, laughing, talking, reminiscing. We had a great Vegas weekend. We did bottle service at Blush at the Wynn, we did Freemont Street, we hit Sephora, the bars and the casinos. We rode in a limo and (some of us) ate bacon at 3 am to keep from puking up bottles of Vodka.  Ah.. Memories.

Unfortunately, it took me 4 days to recover from being out of the office 1 day and 2 days of said vodka and bacon consumption. Partying like a rock star has its price.