Conversations on a Sunday

Me: "I didn't grab you a sweatshirt, because you never get cold."

Jason: "Totally, I'm always hot"

Me: "Your like a werewolf, your average temp is around 109 degrees."

Jason (turns and gives me a look): "Oh, really? Is that so?"

Me: "Apparently.."

(quickly changing the subject to appear from being THAT BIG of a Twilight groupie..)

Later on that day (my homey Dr. Dre came through with a gang..)

Setting: In the car, Lucas excitedly talking about Star Wars Episode 1 which he watched for the 1st time Friday night

Me and/or Jason: "Really, is that what happened?"

Lucas: "Yea, and then Qui-Gon got dead!"

..and it was the birth of a new line in the house.. "and then Qui-Gon got dead.." I need someone to make me a shirt with that on it for Jason.