Personal Insanity

The good news is that I have finally finished all 4 novels in the Twilight Series, which means, yes, I can get a life again. The timing of the 2008 summer Olympic games seriously toyed with the reading flow I had going.. Michael Phelps making Olympic Gold history or will Bella finally become a Vampire? USA gymnastics or Jacob's wolf issues? THE CHOICES. So hard. I got so desperate to find extra minutes to read I would pretend to be nursing Zoe just to lay and read for 20 minutes. Apparently it's a trend sweeping the nation (duh, Beth, really?) but no - not the hottest book for 15 year old girl thing - but that 30-somethings around the blogosphere are too getting sucked into Stephanie Myers web.

But don't despair, I did not totally flake out on my responsibilities altogether. I did manage to work.. we took the kids for a bike ride in their new bike trailer:

As you can see, they both enjoyed it immensely.