I guess you have figured our our political stance by now.. that we are, well, you know.. a little liberal around these parts. But as we like to think, we are liberal because we are smart. I do try, really I do, to see the republican way of thinking. But I just can't. And it KILLS me when middle class people tout they are republicans because they don't like Higher taxes (huh. really? Because YOU are paying the most while the oil companies ((who I guess are not making enough money raping us at the gas stations)) are getting the tax breaks from McCain) and because they will work 3 jobs to pay for their own health care (yea, why don't you see if you can get APPROVED before you spew that! Ever take an ambien to help you sleep? DENIAL. Shit, it's not just a river!)

I really try to be open minded. I do because I believe that's what being a true liberal means, that you are open minded and accepting of others opinions, views and human rights and liberties.

Regardless of what you think tho, I hope that the spirit of what we are experiencing here today touches you in some little way. This summer we got to go to the wedding of two of our best friends because as a homosexual couple they were finally granted the right to legally wed. Today we see a black man accept the nomination for President of the United States. It's an amazing time.

I actually just meant to re-direct you over to DadCentric, where Jason gives a very thorough explanation of why we are pro-Obama. His thoughts, as always, are very amusing and written in such a way that even a Republican can understand.