9 months

Summer is going by too fast, as is Zoë’s first year. She has now reached the point where she has been out of me longer than she was inside me – we made it through the first 3 quarters of her first year.. relatively unscathed.

I say relatively since I think I’ve blocked a lot of months 1-3.

Back in the height of the “shrieking for hours at a time phase” and the “miserable mother and baby stage” (what, they don’t talk about those stages in What to Expect the First Year?) people told me there would come a time with Zoë would be happy and all those 5-7 PM bouncing episodes would be blocked from my mind. I replied by asking them what drugs they were on and where could I get some? But amazingly, they were all right.

Zoë has become one of the best and happiest babies ever. She claps, she smiles, she eats Cheerios and naps on a bit of a schedule. She’s EASY. What?! When did that happen??

As you know, I work from home. People ask me if I work “full time” and lord, let me tell you.. my easy-peasy WAH days are far gone. Then, they are amazed that I have Zoë with me, but that part is the easy part. She has her space in my office with all her toys. She eats, then she plays, then when she gets visibly tired, I put her down for a nap. Rinse and Repeat for the afternoon. She’s 100% content sitting there smiling at me and banging her little plastic blocks or chewing on her wood bead rollercoaster.

Next month I have someone who is going to watch her Tuesdays and Thursdays for me. The plan was to have “undistracted time” and since she will be 10 months old, additional stimulation for her. But honestly, I’m going to miss her on those days. It will be hard for me to sit here and not have my little girlfriend right next to me. Then again, my mind-frame on that may change once she’s crawling.