Consumer spending in Encinitas Up, Thanks to me

It's been awhile since I have truly been excited for the opening of a store. The last time was when H&M finally came to So. Cal., but even still, that doesn't match the giddyness I had when I learned that my coveted Lululemon was moving into my LOCAL shopping center thing-a-ma-bob. The shopping center which is pretty much closer to me than Target is. SWOON.

I've heard the tales of Lulu.. and had the pleasure of shopping one last year in San Fran. Alas, 6 months pregnant and I couldn't quite get the whole experience. But because I'm naturally drawn to insanely over-priced things, of course I've been NEEDING Lululemon pants. Need. Not want. NEED. Physical need. Totally. I swear.

I was practically drooling on the covered-up windows before they opened, and you know it, I went on opening day.


Do you have those fantasies of doing yoga and/or pilates and just looking perfect and cute? Perfect pants, cute headband, great ass and perfectly put together? That's the dream that Lululemon helps you achieve. Well, maybe not the perfect ass, but it made my ass look a helluva' lot better.. YEE HAW. Worth it right there!

I was worried that it was a mistake taking Jason with me. I thought his eyes would pop out of his head when he saw the price tags on things and give me that "If you spend $ on that I will divorce you and take the kids" look. But thanks to the all hot yogafied, spandexed chics running around, I walked out of the dressing room and he said "You look good! Get 'em!"

The thing was, they were a size 6 so that pretty much insured my purchase with or without his consent.

So Welcome to Carlsbad Lululemon - I'm sure that you will be taking a lot of my hard earned dollars from my bank (if I still have a bank..) in the upcoming years of our relationship.