Please and Thank You

Have you ever gotten a Thank You card in the mail for no apparent reason? Something that you did for someone, that you didn't even realize was worthy of the time for a thought-out thank you? I love that. 

But even "expected" thank you cards can be special. The final note of a great party. 

After Zoe's birthday party, I wanted to use one of the special pictures from the party, but I wasn't sure how... I browsed a few sites like Shutterfly and Tiny Prints but after nothing really "grabbed me" I then wondered though the Paper Source (happy place) for inspiration. What I ended up with a simple card, with a heat embossed thank you "tag" on a ribbon holding a picture.

While normally I would keep with the theme of the party, this time I used the picture of Zoe to set the tone of the colors used. 


While simple looking, the heat embossing of the tags, then cutting them out, did take time. The effect looks simple and somewhat effortless, one of those things you think you can bam out, but in reality, it did take a few hours. Additionally, while there is something to be said about a "handwritten note", I personally can't stand my handwriting. I do include a personal note in Thank You cards, but I do them on the computer, print them out and glue them in. 

My favorite finishing touch of late is to line the insides of the envelopes with a beautiful paper...but since I ha close to 25 of these guys to get out, I opted for plain green envelopes. My biggest problem is over-doing it, then it becomes stressful and zaps the fun. Remember that simple can be elegant and just putting a little thought into the project is what makes it special!