That squealing you hear? It's because the My Little Pony App is now available in the iTunes Store

Today, the My Little Pony app “Twilight Sparkle: Teacher for a Day,” became available in the iTunes store. I was lucky enough to sit next to the PR person for Rukus Media at the Clever Girls Collective CleverTech Brunch during BlogHer and she was nice enough to send me a free download of the game. 

This is a little video I shot of Zoe today, as she was anxiously awaiting the download of the game. Please note, this is what she had on today - I did not change her outfit for the taping of the video. 


The game is cute. It's a read-along story book with interactive games mixed in. I may never get my iPad back. 

Also note - there is another My Little Pony "Pro" game available in iTunes. This one is NOT for kids. I think this one is more for the Bronies of the world. 

The app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is going to be available on iTunes for $0.99. My Little Pony fans, young and old,  can also tune in to the animated series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM EST and Fridays and Mondays at 1:30 PM on The Hub TV network.

Cinco de Mayo with Kids

As I write this, many 20 somethings are out drinking it up at various establishments with words like "El" and "Casa" and "Burro" in their names. Not us. The illustrious life of parents with young children, we sit here watching NBC's Thursday night line-up, sipping Skinnygirl Margaritas

Earlier today Zoe and I met Christina and boys B & B for lunch at Rubio's - a locally-based fish taco chain. Three kids + lunch-time rush + Mexican food + Mexican Holiday = Insanity. After my third trip to get more napkins/take someone to the potty/get a new fork, Christina and I are desperately trying to piece together a conversation tainted by too many "Where was I?'s". The slurping noise to my left grabs my attention. Waiting for the impending "Mommy, I want mooooore lemonade..." I glance over at my sweet angel from heaven to notice that she has pulled the straw from her drink and is actually sipping the juice out of the bottom of the cup of her side-dish of black beans. 

Shrieking "ZOE! THAT'S Disgusting!" I grab the straw away from her and throw it on the table. Be it the heat, exhaustion, kids or lack of tequila on this 5th day of May, Christina and I break down in laughter. Meanwhile, said Angel picks back up the straw and puts it back in her lemonade. Enlisting more laughter from the adults, Zoe looks at us, smiles and says:

"Yes! I am adorable!"


The sun will come out, tomorrow...

Today marks day 3 of the cold/flu that has officially kicked my ass. I say officially because today, I missed brunch at LIPS with my MOMfia girls - something that I've been dying to do for years and that has been on the calendar for a month, and I couldn't rally. Instead, I got in back in bed. I'm a rally girl; I pull it out and make the party. So for me to miss eggs Benedict and Mimosas served by Drag Queens, you know I was really freaking ill.

Surrounded by wadded up tissues and cough drop wrappers, with the rain hitting the slide glass doors, I hunker down for day 2 of old movies and bad TV. Yesterday I had the opportunity to finally watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, an abomination in SO many ways, although I am now thinking I should finally take my wedding dress from the closet at my Mom's house and maybe ENCLOSE IT IN MY CLOSET WALL like Adrienne. As I'm flicking through the guide, Zoe walks in and crawls in bed with me. Not sure if it's the rainy weather or if she's not feeling all that hot either, but its decided: It's a movie day. While the boys are downstairs watching Lord of the Rings, I decide it's time for Zoe to see my equivalent of Star Wars - Annie

This was the movie I remember shaping my childhood. I remember seeing the movie in the theatre and wishing I was Aileen Quinn. I had the soundtrack that I made my parents play over and over on the record player as I danced around with dishcloths. I listened to that record so many times that I think I wore it out, and to this day I still know all the words to each song. 

Zoe loves movies with singing and dancing. She's been taking ballet and tap for a few months now and loves to watch tap dancing routines. We climbed into bed and started watching. By the time Annie was snuck out of the orphanage in Mr. Bundles laundry basket, I knew she was hooked. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and exclaimed "Oh, no! What happen to Annie?" and I had to assure her Annie was okay. During "We got Annie" she finally caved in and jumped up and started dancing. She sat riveted and clutching my hand when Rooster chased Annie up the raised train track and cheered when Punjab rescued her with the "Orocopter." And when it ended, she looked at me and yelled "Again! Again! We watch Annie AGAIN!"

While I'm not sure the sun will come out for us tomorrow - both literally as it's supposed to rain more - and figuratively with this never end germ-fest that may have been the reason that Zoe puked on the couch tonight, the sunshine of my day was sharing this special piece of my childhood with my baby girl.