She's Crafty - Insanity Card Edition

I got a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble for my birthday, so I bought myself a true present, something I wanted, but probably never would have paid $35 for myself. The Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts. (heh, I just typed "crap" by accident. Jason would concur with my Freudian slip of the finger)

Regardless, the book got me all aflutter on the crafty front. And I did have some cards I needed to get out.. I started around noon today. At 5:30 Jason demanded I clean up my mess of paper scraps, stamps, glitter tinted embossing powder, ribbons and glue. But wait! I had to quickly line envelopes.

Because yes, I am INSANE.

Did I mention that it was about 85 here today - the perfect spring day, spent inside with punches and embellishments.

and because the insanity doesn't end there - I even took pictures