Florida, April 2009

I got home from FLA with over 700 pics in my camera. How can you help it? The colors are so alive and bright there.

The sun was warm, the water such an amazing combination of greens and blues. Oh, and the little one? WALKING.

I knew it would take getting on an airplane to motivate her. Such the personality on that one.

The main reason for the trip was my Grandma Rose's 92nd birthday.

It was her birthday wish to meet her only great-grandbaby girl and see her darling Lucas again. Both kids were wonderful with her and thrilled to help her eat her cake.

After the birthday celebrations, we broke loose and headed south. Pretty much as south as you could go..

We made it to Mallory Square just in time for the sunset, and then to see the drunks on Duval Street. I'm a pretty liberal Mama, but when you are walking down the street worried that your 5 year old is going to get burnt by a drunk 50-year old woman wearing a straw cowboy hat's camel extra-light, you know you shouldn't have your kids out.

But we had our goal.. sunset and to search for our lost shaker of salt...

Sunday I got to do something I have been wanting to do for about 19 years.. swim with the dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key.

I still, to this day, obsess over dolphins, and am still happy with my above-the-butt-cheek tattoo choice - even if every other 30 something woman has the same one (a-MariaV-choo). :-)

The trip was finished off with a boat ride around Islamorada, and a windy, yet beautiful, sunset on the water.